Republic of Srpska President Attends Celebration of Patron Saint Day of Mrkonjić Grad Municipality – Holy Prophet Elijah and Day of 11th Mrkonjić Light Infantry Brigade


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović attended this evening in Mrkonjić Grad the marking of the Patron Saint Day of the municipality – Holy Prophet Elijah and the Day of the 11th Mrkonjić Light Infantry Brigade.

The Republic of Srpska President expressed her satisfaction for having the opportunity to attend the event, pointing out that for many years the co-operation with the Mrkonjić Grad municipality has been close.

The President of the Republic stressed that the authorities of Srpska always strive to take care of local communities and to meet the needs of the population, and noted that numerous projects in Mrkonjić Grad were implemented that way.

The President of Srpska recalled that the Mrkonjić Grad population had a difficult situation during and after the war, that they were displaced and sustained mass casualties. 

“Knowing that they carry such a heavy legacy and bad experience, the Government and all the Republic of Srpska institutions and all of us had to step in together in some special way to meet the needs of this population,” added the Republic of Srpska President.

President Cvijanović noted that the Republic’s institutions cannot do anything special if they do not have good co-operation with the local authorities, namely, if there is no active local structure that knows how to define the needs of the population.

“I have faith in our local communities and I know that Mrkonjić Grad, along with others, will move forward,” said Srpska’s President.

The President of the Republic of Srpska congratulated the municipality’s inhabitants on their Patron Saint Day, and expressed her gratitude to the former members of the Eleventh Mrkonjić Light Infantry Brigade for the contribution they made to freedom in the Republic of Srpska.  

“We need to be thankful for this freedom and to develop Srpska in future,” noted President Cvijanović.

The Republic of Srpska President said that Srpska is a safe place to live in, and that freedom should be highly valued and the Republic constantly developed.

“The Republic of Srpska is the only safe place for us, for our lives and for all that we wish to protect from our history,” said President Cvijanović.