President of the Republic of Srpska extends New Year’s Greetings


New Year’s Greetings from the President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović:

“Dear citizens of the Republic of Srpska,

Now, while we farewell the old one and wait for the New 2019, with the desire to make our new year better and more successful than the previous one, I would like to look back on a few things important both for the Republic and for all of our citizens.

In the leaving year, as in the previous few, the Republic of Srpska faced numerous challenges, but despite this, we managed to overcome various obstacles, preserve political, social and fiscal stability and ensure continuous economic growth.

We increased our employment, introduced some new social rights – from the compensation for our unemployed mothers to civil disability benefits. We have increased the salaries of all workers and pensions to our pensioners, as well as the basis for family and personal disability benefits and veteran benefits. We have also increased the budget for incentives in agriculture.

Today, the budget of the Republic of Srpska is stable and capable to carry out obligations towards budget users and the citizens of the Republic of Srpska without any delay.

We have built and reconstructed hospitals, schools, kindergartens, student dormitories, waterworks, new sections of the highway and we have implemented numerous other projects in the field of traffic and communal infrastructure.

All this did not happen by itself. We had to make a huge effort to achieve this. That is why this must be the basis for moving further. In the coming period, we shall increase salaries and pensions, social benefits and we shall further build the Republic of Srpska.

We need stable institutions for this, we need peace, we need a political environment in which we can develop the Republic and fulfill our obligations towards our citizens. The Republic must be protected, and it is the responsibility of all of us.

Together we can do a lot for us, for our families, for our children and that is why we need strong institutions, unity and harmony, we do not need divisions and unrealistic expectations that do not bring anyone any benefit, except those who do not like the Republic of Srpska and who are persistently trying to combat it, since its foundation.

It is therefore important that in the upcoming and every following year we do not lose sight of the importance of the Republic we want to build and improve for the generations to come.

It is our duty to recognise the challenges that are ahead of us and to respond to them.

We shall do everything to ensure that the Republic of Srpska is stronger in institutional, security, political and economic sense in the upcoming period and I am convinced that we shall complete the following year with even better results.

With the wish for the year before us to be the year of stability, communion and prosperity of all citizens of the Republic of Srpska, I congratulate the New Year and the Christmas holidays to all of you who celebrate it, as well as the upcoming Day of the Republic.

I wish you good health, personal and family happiness, success on a professional level and lots of good news that will please you and your loved ones. I wish you a stable Republic of Srpska which we shall all build and strengthen together”, reads the congratulation of the President of the Republic of Srpska.