Republic of Srpska President Visits Home „Rada Vranješević“


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović visited today, on occasion of Easter, the Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care “Rada Vranješević” in Banja Luka and presented the protégés with bicycles of different sizes for each age group.

President Cvijanović said she was particularly glad about the implementation of the kindergarten project within the Home for which the Government of Srpska allocated 100,000 KM last year, which should have an integrative function.

“The essence of this project is that children in the care of this institution should not be isolated, but come together with children from the local community, which is essentially the purpose of this kindergarten.  We put this project forward for support from Serbia, and 200,000 KM will be provided so that it can be finalised,” stated the President of the Republic.

The President of Srpska further said that the first phase of the project is finished, and that, with the finalisation of the second phase, the kindergarten will be fully equipped and thus conditions will be created for the children to stay there.

“This is just one way of showing that we can carry such projects forward together with the local community,” President Cvijanović pointed out and added that it is important that the kindergarten will employ proficient staff.

The President of the Republic of Srpska underlined that institutions endeavour to help the Home, knowing how important its role is in providing care for children and in preparing them to live on their own.

The Srpska President also expressed satisfaction with the fact that more and more children from this institution enrol higher education institutions and graduate from them, and again underlined the importance of having competent and proficient staff in the Home.  She also emphasised the important role of the community in the process.

“I think the role of staff in the Home is of essential importance, but also of the community in order to be able to see who has the potential to enrol a university, who should be trained for different professions and I think this is working well,” President Cvijanović pointed out.

The Republic of Srpska President called upon debtors of the Rada Vranješević Home to settle their debts and added that she, as the President of the Republic, will continue providing support to this institution.

“I think that with good projects, we will continue improving the conditions, even though I am satisfied even now and I can compare it with how it used to be, seven-eight years ago and how it is today.  All who come here see that there is improvement,” said Srpska’s President.

The President of the Republic of Srpska reminded that she supports housing projects for protégés leaving the Home, and said she will continue supporting them, underlining such projects require a systemic approach.