President of the Republic presents incubators and equipment for caring for newborns


Today, the President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik presented incubators and equipment for the care of newborns, purchased with the funds collected at the donator evening “To Brave Hearts with Love”.

The equipment was delivered to the management of hospitals in Banja Luka, Doboj, Bijeljina, Foča, Gradiška, Prijedor, Zvornik, Trebinje, Nevesinje, East Sarajevo, as well as hospitals in Gračanica in Kosovo and Metohija and Livno in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The President of the Republic said that he wants to provide health institutions and pediatricians in Srpska with everything they need to successfully fight the challenges.

“This is one of the moments that causes happiness and satisfaction, because the fact is that we managed to do something that no one in the region has done before”, said the President Dodik.

The President of the Republic emphasized that with this campaign they want to gather all people and institutions in order to show human dignity, they want to respond to the challenges and problems.

The President Dodik pointed out that many humanitarian campaigns were carried out, which showed that Srpska is a responsible society.

“Saving one child means saving the world. In the last campaign, the greatest donor was Dragica Stojanović with BAM 20,000, and I am thus grateful to her. This will help children who need it because their lives will be saved. At the end of this year, we will have another campaign”, it was pointed out by the President Dodik and he reminded that the donator evening “To Brave Hearts With Love” collected about one million BAM for the solution of many problems, and that the effort of individuals to give personal funds shows that Srpska is a responsible society.

“Every time we organise campaign, we think about how to model it and how to use the funds. We are developing the health sector in the Republic of Srpska, and we have decided to build new hospitals, and to adapt old ones. We want to build a hospital in Trebinje, reconstruct hospitals in Gradiška, Zvornik and Prijedor”, said the President Dodik and reminded that the Republic of Srpska is stable, despite the challenges, and it will successfully fulfill its financial responsibilities this year.

The President Dodik mentioned that Srpska is exposed to political elimination and that everyone must be aware of that since it means that they want to take away all of its functions, and that the decision-making centre is moved to the federal Sarajevo.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated that the global centres of power decided to centralise and unitise BiH, and that Srpska is reduced to a protocol part.

“We have to fight to remain what we are, but also to be even more independent. It is not criminal, but legitimate and legal. We are looking to manage the resources we already have, and one of the issues is the asset story. This means that Srpska would have the hospitals that it built with its own funds, and that, for example, the funds for the UCC would be transferred to the funds at the BiH level”, said the President Dodik and reiterated that property is crucial, because if it is not there, there is no state, and cited the example of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is why in some distant offices they say that property ownership should be moved to other places.