President of Republic of Srpska Meets with UK Ambassador to BiH


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović spoke today in her office in Banja Luka with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to BiH Matthew Field.

President Cvijanović and Ambassador Field discussed the current political and economic situation in Srpska and in BiH, and the possibilities of improving co-operation between Great Britain and the Republic of Srpska in many areas, with a special emphasis on education.

At the meeting, President Cvijanović stressed that institutions of the Republic of Srpska institutions are fully committed to the implementation of economic and social reforms that contribute to improving the economic environment as well as to resolving concrete problems faced by the citizens of both Entities.

The President of Srpska underlined that the full respect for the Dayton Peace Agreement, as well as of the Republic Srpska’s position within the constitutional system and of the political system of BiH are the basis for the formation of legitimate authorities and the efficient functioning of institutions at the common level.

At the occasion, President Cvijanović thanked Ambassador Field for the good co-operation so far and expressed her expectation that it will be continued also in the future.