A gift book “Little Alphabet” presented to all students entering the first grade of elementary school in the Republic of Srpska


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik decided to present the book “Little Alphabet” to all students entering the first grade of elementary school in the Republic of Srpska.

From tomorrow until the end of next week, all first graders in Srpska, more than 10 thousand of them, will receive this exercise book, dedicated above all to learning to read and write. According to the most modern pedagogical standards, on 163 pages, it introduces children to the world of writing and reading the Cyrillic alphabet. This exercise book is designed to allow children to learn through fun, which is why the exercise book itself contains a large number of interactive tasks, brain teasers, puzzles, rebuses and puzzles that are adapted to children learning to read and write.

“I decided to present this book to you because it will help you learn to write and read, to learn our alphabet, our Cyrillic alphabet. This book will help you write your first messages to grandparents, parents and friends, read your first book and poem, and some of you can even create your own poems, stories and books! I am glad that in this way I can be a part of your departure to school”, said the President in a letter to all first-year students in Srpska.

“May going to school and education be a path to new knowledge and friendship! May each new school day and all the coming holidays fill childhood and growing up with joy, curiosity, imagination, happiness and love! I want you to know and never forget that each of you who started school now is the greatest asset of the Republic of Srpska and that your Republic of Srpska will always be a country that loves you!”, reads the letter of the President.