Republic of Srpska President Speaks with Foreign Affairs Minister of Serbia


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, met today in Belgrade with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Nikola Selaković. 

The President of Srpska stated that it inspires great confidence to all in Srpska that Serbia is stable and strong and that she knows what she is doing. 

President Cvijanović stressed that the political understanding and economic support coming from Serbia to the Republic of Srpska, as well as the institutional connection between the two in the past few years are at the highest possible level.

“I wish to use also this opportunity to thank Serbia on behalf of the institutions and citizens of the Republic of Srpska for her support.  It is good for us in Srpska to know that Serbia exists, that Serbia is stable and strong, that she knows what she is doing, that she possesses all the tools that a modern state needs today, and this inspires great confidence in all of us,” said the President of the Republic.

The President of Srpska pointed out that, in addition to all that Serbia and Srpska are doing together, such as marking important dates in their common history, there are also many practical things that are happening between Serbia and Srpska.

The President of the Republic of Srpska expressed her satisfaction that several more items were agreed at today’s meeting which represent a step forward with regard to a joint approach to the common diaspora, relevant to strengthening ties, but also an adequate representation of Srpska and Serbia, and preserving the national identity in the diaspora.

“With great gratitude for everything that we will do together, our support from Srpska also goes to all who will be involved in the project in the field of education, teaching the national group of subjects – Serbian language, national geography and history – to our children that live outside the Republic of Srpska, Serbia or some other areas where Serbs live,” said President Cvijanović.

Furthermore, President of the Republic of Srpska also expressed her gratitude for the economic support and assistance that Serbia provided to the Republic of Srpska in the past few years and reminded of the many projects implemented in the fields of energy and transport infrastructure. 

“It is important that all those matters be implemented because they ensure a better living quality for our citizens, but the meeting was also a great opportunity to inform the Minister and his team of the challenges that the Republic of Srpska is facing, i.e., the whole of BiH,” concluded the President of Srpska.