Republic of Srpska President Officially Opens “White Angel” Kindergarten in Brod


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, together with the mayor of the Municipality of Brod, Ilija Jovičić, and the director of the Public Preschool Institution “White Angel” (Beli anđeo), Maja Zečević, opened a new facility of this kindergarten in Skele today, an investment worth 104,000 KM.

President Cvijanović expressed her satisfaction that this project was implemented, as it is very important for children, parents, but also for the entire community in Brod.

“I am very happy that both as the Prime Minister, and later as the President of the Republic, I was able to take part in many projects executed in the Municipality of Brod, including this one, but also many others, such as the refurbishment of schools and the repair and improvement of traffic infrastructure,” said the President.

According to President Cvijanović, the Republic of Srpska is able to undertake many important projects, but their successful execution also requires responsible local authorities that can take them up.

“We need responsible partners at the local level that can point out the main needs of the community and in what order certain projects should be carried out,” stressed the President of the Republic.

President Cvijanović thanked Mayor Jovićić and his team for, as she stated, knowing how to fight for important projects and work for the benefit of their citizens.

“This is a joint undertaking, one of the many that we have realised in the previous period and one of the many that we have yet to work on. Our intention is to enter all local communities, to do at least one important project in each of them,” concluded the President of the Republic of Srpska.