Republic of Srpska President Hands Department Keys over to Young Married Couples in Trebinje


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, handed today in Trebinje department keys over to young, married couples.  The departments are located in a new building made specifically for 40 families.

The President of the Republic of Srpska expressed her wish that this type of projects be implemented all over Srpska, similar to what was done at the level of the Republic through the Investment and Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska with the Government’s programme of subsidising interest rates for young married couples when buying their first apartment.

The President pointed out that Trebinje and the whole of the Republic of Srpska can take pride in this building, and that the project is highly commendable.  

The President of Srpska stated that a whole circle of giving can be seen in Trebinje, of providing benefits, creating good conditions for children to grow, students to enrol and graduate from universities, and for those who want to do internships.

President Cvijanović added that this project is the crown of such activities and makes it possible for young couples to buy a housing unit at a much lower cost than at the market, which is very important for the budget of young families.

“The fact that there are so many of them and that there are so many children who will live in this building proves that the project is a clear winner.  I am here to support the local authorities to continue working together with their citizens, but also to back the republic’s institutions in creating a better environment,” said the President of the Republic.

According to the President of Srpska, one of the priorities within this framework is to make it possible for young couples to stay in their hometowns and to have children born in every city and municipality throughout the Republic.

The President further congratulated the local government for designing and coming forward with this programme, and noted that she was glad to hear that this project represents an encouragement for many other municipalities that want young married couples to stay.

“This will serve as an example of how they should proceed, and the institutions of the Republic will certainly stand at the service of any local community that want to work for the benefit of their citizens,” concluded President Cvijanović.