Republic of Srpska President Extends Greetings for 1 May – International Labour Day


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović congratulated all workers in the Republic of Srpska on occasion of 1 May – the International Labour Day.

“To all workers in the Republic of Srpska, I extend my greetings on occasion of 1 May – the International Labour Day – with the wish that you spend the holiday in good health, good spirit and solidarity.

“The 1 May celebration is an opportunity for us all to remember those who paved the way to fairer and more humane working conditions, but represents also an obligation for all of us together to give a greater contribution to building a society of social tolerance, justice and to improving of the workers’ standard of living.

“In the past period, in collaboration and dialogue with social partners, numerous measures were passed and a series of processes started, the objective being to improve the material status of workers.

“Owing to good communication between social partners, common arrangements were agreed that resulted in salary and pension increases, decrease of burdens on the business community, larger and new social benefits and protection, the creation of new jobs and achieving solid macroeconomic indicators, which represent a good foundation for continuing reforms and economic growth.

“The Republic of Srpska institutions will continue promoting and strengthening social dialogue, supporting job creation and putting in place legal provisions to improve the business environment and contribute to the economic growth of the Republic of Srpska.

“With the wish that we will all witness improvement of the living standard of all Republic of Srpska citizens, I wish to once again extend my greetings on occasion of 1 May – the International Labour Day,” stated the Republic of Srpska President Cvijanović in her congratulatory letter.