Republic of Srpska President Expresses Condolences over Death of Đorđe Mikeš


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, sent a telegram expressing her condolences to the family of the late director of the Jewish Cultural Centre “Arie Livne” and a sports worker, Đorđe Mikeš.

“I received the news of the death of Đorđe Mikeš with sadness and grief. With his departure, you, his family lost the most, but also the entire Republic of Srpska.

“Đorđe Mikeš was a respected and versatile man. He left a deep mark, both at the cultural level, as the director of the Jewish Cultural Centre, and in sports of the Republic of Srpska, mostly in the Basketball Club “Borac” from Banja Luka.

“On behalf of the Republic of Srpska citizens and on my own behalf, I express to you my deepest respect and condolences,” stated President Cvijanović in her telegram.