Republic of Srpska President Congratulates 3 May – World Press Freedom Day


The President of the Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, on occasion of 3 May – the World Press Freedom Day, extended her congratulations to all journalists, press and editorial offices and journalists’ associations in the Republic of Srpska.

“The World Press Freedom Day is an opportunity to remind ourselves that the media are an unavoidable corrective in any democratic society, which is reflected in the application of the highest journalist and ethical standards.

“In achieving the timeless and essential role that free media play in society, the task of media workers is to carry out their jobs professionally in the interest of the public, and to develop the principle of responsible and impartial journalism.

“On the other hand, the obligation of institutions and society as a whole is to improve the environment and atmosphere for their unimpeded work and create preconditions for improving the overall position of open public conversation.

“In that spirit, I congratulate you on the World Press Freedom Day, and wish to thank you for your dedication in carrying out a difficult and challenging profession and for our very good co-operation so far,” reads the congratulatory message from President Cvijanović.