Republic of Srpska President Attends Presentation of Hungarian Government’s Economic Support Programme


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, attended today in Gradiška the presentation of the Programme of the Hungarian Government’s Support to the Economy of the Republic of Srpska.

The President of the Republic said that with the Programme of Support to the Economy of Srpska, Hungary is showing her attitude with regard to Srpska, which is not a relationship of conditioning or seeking political favours in exchange for economic support, but an expression of solidarity, and of the desire for cooperation and fostering a partnership from which true friendship is arising.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Cvijanović pointed out that the approach that Hungary is taking towards Srpska is needed by Europe and the whole world.

The President of the Republic pointed out that this is one of the examples of concrete cooperation and thanked the Government of Hungary and the President of that country.

“We wish to thank all the wonderful people who, in the past, worked to improve relations with the Republic of Srpska, and also with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and showed a balanced approach to the whole region.  We thank you for the political understanding of the complex circumstances within BiH, and our entire region,” said the President of Srpska.

President Cvijanović stressed that Hungary’s Support Programme for the Economy of the Republic of Srpska is specific because it includes Srpska where no Hungarians live.

“We are especially grateful that they identify us as a place where, through specific activities, they want to help our agriculture, our overall development, because, of course, by supporting farmers, we will achieve overall development.  Today, more than ever, perhaps, we want to turn towards developing our potentials, capacities, now that the whole world is gripped by restlessness, insecurity and instability, I think this is a way, or, at least, one of the mechanisms, to ensure stability,” noted the President of the Republic.

President Cvijanović recalled the determination of Srpska to focus more and more on domestic production, which will also be made possible by the Support Programme.

The President of the Republic said that this programme offers perfect conditions for farmers to get adequate agricultural mechanisation with minimal participation.

“I also welcome the decision of the local communities that announced that they will find a way to also subsidise the part that should be invested by agricultural producers so to make it easier for them to access the Programme,” stressed the President of the Republic.

Underlining that the Hungarian people are friendly and that this is demonstrated by concrete examples, such as the aforementioned Economic Support Programme, President Cvijanović expressed her belief that the partnership and friendship between Srpska and Hungary will yield additional results in future.

President Cvijanović expressed satisfaction at the ceremony in Gradiška with the beginning of the implementation of the Support Programme and recalled that it was announced last year by the Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

The President of Srpska also said that, attending the promotions of the programme, she was convinced of the huge interest in it of agricultural producers of Srpska.

“Furthermore, what I support, along with, of course, the work of organisations and foundations, is the fact that our local structures, local administrations, have decided to make themselves available to the needs of those who are potential beneficiaries, to help them when applying and provide the logistics and I really also wish to thank our local institutions,” concluded the Republic of Srpska President.