Republic of Srpska President Attends Easter Reception by Third Infantry /Republic of Srpska/ Regiment


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović attended today the Easter reception at “Kozara” Barracks organised by the Third Infantry /Republic of Srpska/ Regiment of the BiH Armed Forces.

The President of the Republic asserted that a peaceful and stable Republic is in the interest of the Republic of Srpska, but also of BiH.

In her address, the Republic of Srpska President underlined the importance of preserving traditions and nurturing customs, because that is how Srpska is preserved.

“Our gathering up and co-operating is very important because, whenever we are together, we are stronger and better organised, and we pursue the same objectives. This link is not just institutional, but we want it to be visible at all levels,” stated President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic indicated that huge political and economic challenges are lying in ahead of Srpska.

The President wished the members of the Third Infantry Regiment a happy Easter and a lot of success at the professional level.

Ahead of the reception, the President of Srpska visited the Memorial Room dedicated to killed members of the Republic of Srpska Army and the adjoining museum. At the occasion, the President was presented with an apposite gift.