Republic of Srpska President Attends Commemoration of Battle of Kozara


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, attended today in Mrakovica the marking of the Battle of Kozara.

The President of Srpska stated that Kozara has always been a symbol of strength and suffering.

“It is a heritage that we must carry with us to the future; and what we are doing today is to strengthen the Republic of Srpska and her institutions, knowing that without institutions and with no Republic of Srpska there is no peace, no freedom, no living freely, and finally, nothing of what we wish for the generations to come,” said President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic stressed that she is sure that we have learned and mastered lessons from the past, but also that there are those who are not quite sure what should be done in future.

The President of Srpska emphasised that the assembly at Kozara shows that the Republic of Srpska shares a common past with Serbia, as it is doing at present, and will in future.

“All what happened in the past is a symbol of our togetherness, but also our path and an indicator of where to move in future. I am proud of what we are showing in the Republic of Srpska, understanding how much pain there was in Kozara and many other places of suffering,” noted President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic pointed out that there is no room and place for any naivety, that history taught us how to behave in future and that we should gather around all which we share between us, all that is strategic, important, the national goals and priorities of Srpska.

“Both in difficult times, and in good times, we can rely on Serbia. I am happy that our unity and togetherness was proven in the past few years in every field and at every level, and that we can be supportive of each other,” the President of Srpska underlined.

The President of the Republic added that Kozara is a place of pain and respect for all those who suffered, but at the same time, it is also a place, as are many other places, where it becomes clear what some would want Srpska to become and how important it is to stand behind our goals and unity.

“Today, the Republic of Srpska is stable. She was created on basis of the legacy of our glorious past. We want to make of our Republic a place of open living, of freedom, where we can attain all our national goals and objectives, be it in terms of family and private life, personal or professional development of each and every one of our citizens who will be free,” concluded President Cvijanović.