President of the Republic of Srpska meets with the President of Russia



The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović and BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik met today in Belgrade with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The President Cvijanović stated that the Russian President has shown that he understands well the circumstances in which Srpska and the Serb people function.

The President of the Republic emphasized that “it is very important to have a great world player who understands how important it is to preserve the Dayton and Dayton position of the Republic of Srpska, but not to work against anyone in BiH”, adding that she regrets since there are many who do not understand it in BiH.

The President Cvijanović emphasized that the Republic of Srpska has always been grateful for Russia’s consistent defense of the Republic of Srpska’s positions in the UN Security Council.

“For many years, that was the only voice and the only way we could oppose various fabrications and constructions that are being made at the expense of the Republic of Srpska and certainly the people of the Republic of Srpska will always be grateful for that”, said the President of Srpska.

The President of the Republic stated that she was honored since she had the opportunity to participate at a joint lunch in Belgrade with the Russian President Vladimir Putin together with the Chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik.

The President Cvijanović expressed appreciation to the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić for hosting such an event as well as the meeting with the President Putin in the Palace of Serbia, where she and the Presidency Chairman of BiH met with the Russian President and therefore exchanged views on numerous topics and briefed him with the political situation, as was also the case in previous meetings.

The President of Srpska pointed out that they discussed the continuation of economic cooperation, the possibility for Russian increased investment when it comes to Srpska, and the improvement of relations between Srpska and Russia in all fields such as culture and economy with the President Putin.

According to the President, Srpska is also interested in improving relations in the field of infrastructure, particularly in the field of education and health, where certain activities have already been in progress.

“I think it is important that we get closer and understand each other better. There is always gratitude when it comes to the Republic of Srpska for good understanding of the circumstances in which we function and for a traditionally good defense of the Dayton positions not only of the Republic of Srpska but of the entire BiH”, it was concluded by the President Cvijanović.