President of the Republic of Srpska visits Kozarska Dubica and Kostajnica after these local communities suffered earthquake damage


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković visited Kozarska Dubica and Kostajnica today after these local communities suffered damage from the earthquake that hit Petrinja in Croatia today.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated today in Kozarska Dubica that the most important thing is that there were no victims in the Republic of Srpska from the consequences of the strong earthquake that hit Croatia today.

The President Cvijanović emphasized that a large number of public buildings were damaged in Kozarska Dubica, as well as private households, houses and apartments.

“We are here to give support to the local authorities, because now we have to repair all this damage, relocate certain services, organise a normal life, assuming that what happened to the region will calm down”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic said that local communities can count on the support of republic institutions.

“Everything that will be necessary to organise life in a normal way, to establish services, to help people who have suffered damage, will be carried out through the joint activities of the republic and local authorities”, said the President Cvijanović.

According to the President of the Republic of Srpska, in such situations, the mobility of everyone is necessary.

“It is not the first time that disasters happen to us and that it requires great activism and great mobility of all of us who work in institutions at both the national and local levels”, said the President Cvijanović, adding that thanks to that mobility, opportunities for rehabilitation are always provided.

“We would like things like this not to happen to us and that there are no such challenges, but that is life. It is important that we have services that can perform their part, because of our citizens and the normal work of institutions. It is in our interest that the institutions work at both the national and local level, that the citizens have access to everything they need”, said the President of the Republic.

The President Cvijanović emphasizes that in such situations, the priority is always caring for the person and the family, and reminded that this was also the case during the floods in 2014, when people, families and the way how to return them to their homes were first taken into account.

Together with the leadership of the municipality of Kozarska Dubica, the President Cvijanović and the Prime Minister Višković visited the municipal building, the Health Centre and the Centre for Information and Culture.

After visiting Kozarska Dubica, the President of the Republic visited Kostajnica.

The President Cvijanović said that greater material damage was recorded on public and private buildings in this municipality after the earthquake that occurred today in Croatia and which was felt in the wider region, adding that a meeting will be held the next day to assess the situation and determine rehabilitation activities.

The President Cvijanović stated that the representatives of the Republic Directorate for Reconstruction and Construction and the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Ecology of Srpska will determine the following activities on strengthening the facilities, their rehabilitation and preparation for its full use.

“It is good since we have finished this school year, so the children, parents and teaching staff have been informed about it and that we now have time to repair the damaged buildings”, said the President of the Republic in Kostajnica.

The President of Srpska pointed out that the republic institutions will intervene when it comes to the private facilities, as well as the facilities in which public institutions are located, in order to put them back into function as soon as possible.

The President Cvijanović mentioned that the winter period is coming, which may make the planned activities more difficult, but that urgent intervention and putting all the necessary resources into mobility has been agreed.

“The goal is for the republican and local authorities to resolve this problem together as soon as possible”, said the President of the Republic of Srpska.