President of the Republic of Srpska visited the newly built stadium in Leskovac


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik said in Leskovac, where the magnificent new Dubočica stadium was presented to the citizens, that the entire Republic of Srpska will support the Serbian national team when they play against Bulgaria here in November, and emphasized that Banja Luka is yet to build such a facility.

The President Dodik, who visited the newly built stadium with the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić this evening, pointed out that there is no doubt that President Vučić is changing Serbia, and that there is no segment in society, in infrastructure and in sports, without seeing changes.

“In Serbia today, there are many people who just talk, but there are no many people who build. There is no doubt that the President Vučić prepared a wonderful idea for us. He built this stadium with his collaborators, and he gave me the opportunity to, when I pass by here, remember this very evening when you were gifted something that was the dream of many generations, not only the football generation”, it was emphasized by the President Dodik in his address.

The President Milorad Dodik stated that the President Vučić and his team are not only building Serbia, but also the Republic of Srpska, which only had “brotherly hugs” from Serbia until the arrival of Vučić.

“We are all doing well. We would not have succeeded in implementing many projects if it were not for the commitment of the President Vučić. In every municipality in the Republic of Srpska, we have a facility financed by the funds from Serbia. More than 60 million for that segment only, plus the construction of the highway from Rača to Bijeljina, where Serbia is helping. Thank God that we have Serbia that can help”, said the President Milorad Dodik.

The President of the Republic of Srpska said that on November 19, he will come to Leskovac to this stadium to support Serbia.