President of the Republic of Srpska officially opens the road that connects the settlements of Lauš and Paprikovac


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović, the Prime Minister of Srpska Radovan Višković and the Mayor of Banja Luka Igor Radojičić officially opened the road, the so-called “parallel”, which will reduce traffic in Lauš, one of Banja Luka’s largest settlements, especially in Karađorđeva Street.

The President of the Republic of Srpska pointed out that with the construction of this road, Banja Luka received a significant infrastructure project, which will connect the two settlements and enable a better connection with the University Clinical Centre / UCC /.

“Considering that I live here myself, I have witnessed how the works were carried out here and I am glad that we, in the republic institutions, were available to all the ideas and plans of the local government”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic stated that Banja Luka is a city that is pleasant for life for pensioners, children and families, and that everyone should appreciate that.

“We are taking big steps forward, and you cannot do that if you do not have a vision, if you just talk and criticise and if you have not done anything. Without work, there are no roads, bridges, kindergartens, schools or anything else”, said the President of Srpska.

The President of the Republic added that this is a joint success of the local and republican authorities, because every infrastructure project means a step forward for the Republic of Srpska.

“We are proud because we have always been on that path to build, every municipality, every city. Since we have this city government, we have proved that every settlement is important, that there is no settlement in which something has not been done”, it was said by the President Cvijanović.