President of the Republic of Srpska met with the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik, who is on a working visit to Hungary, met in Budapest with the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated that the Government of Hungary will allocate an additional five million euros to subsidize the purchase of agricultural machinery in Srpska.

The President Dodik pointed out that the project related to agriculture is implemented much more strongly in the second package than it was before.

“19 million euros were set aside to support our farmers and companies from that area for the delivery of machines and equipment, and we were assured that the Hungarian side will provide an additional five million euros, so the total arrangement will amount to 24 million euros”, said the President of Srpska and added that this shows that the Republic of Srpska in Hungary has understanding for all its projects.

The President Dodik stated that infrastructure and industry were also discussed, and announced that a meeting of the Srpska delegation and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is being prepared for January.

“We have agreed that our cooperation will be realized at a strategically important level, and this is taking place through a series of projects that are not only economic, but also cultural, educational, and even health-related”, it was pointed out by the President of the Republic, adding that all this is a good example of successful cooperation.

The President of Srpska believes that it is necessary at any time and on any occasion to meet with the people in Budapest and talk with them about all these issues.