President of the Republic of Srpska extends congratulations on the occasion of the School Patron Saint – Saint Sava


On the occasion of the school celebration – Saint Sava, the President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović extended congratulations to the students, teachers and all employees in the field of education.

“On the occasion of the School Patron Saint – Saint Sava, I extend my warmest congratulations to all students, educators, as well as all employees in education with the desire to celebrate the brightest day of education in the spirit of sainthood and tradition.

By marking this holiday, St. Sava Day, we nurture and live the memory of Rastko Nemanjić – Saint Sava, the first Serbian archbishop and guardian of education, and we are reminded of the permanence of his enlightening work.

With the wish that the deeds and values ​​woven into education by the Serbian educator are an incentive for young people, in order to develop their knowledge and spirituality to contribute to personal and thus the progress of society as a whole, I once again congratulate you on your school holiday and I cordially greet you”, reads the congratulation message by the President Cvijanović.