President of the Republic of Srpska attends commemoration of July 27 – the Anti-Fascism Uprising Day


The President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović attended today in Banja Luka the commemoration of July 27 – the Day of Uprising against Fascism.

After laying a wreath at the monument to the fallen people of Krajina in the Second World War at Banj brdo, the President Cvijanović emphasized that we proudly remember the brave insurgents and the glorious anti-fascist past, on whose ideals and values ​​the Republic of Srpska is founded.

„The July Uprising of 1941 was a reflection of the brightest libertarian aspirations, but also the struggle for the bare survival of the Serb people, whose biological existence was threatened within the borders of the NDH. In the circumstances of mass executions and horrific genocidal terror, the fight for freedom was also a decisive battle for life and survival”, said the President of the Republic.

According to the President of Srpska, this is exactly why the word freedom in the Serbian language has an invaluable meaning, because its absence, as a rule, meant mass suffering and exodus.

“Even when the price of that freedom was horribly high, we did not calculate and wait for the outcome of the war, but from the beginning we bravely stood on the right side of history, against the dark ideologies of evil, and that is why we will always proudly point out that we belong to a nation that had two of the anti-fascist resistance movement in occupied Europe”, it was emphasized by the President of the Republic of Srpska.

The President of the Republic pointed out that this is a huge symbolic and moral wealth of the Serb people that no one can take away or dispute over it.

“It is an irony, and a shame, that today we are being taught lessons about the wrong and right sides of history by those who are least invited to do so, or by those who would revise our history textbooks and change school programmes. Our commitment is to build understanding and a better future with everyone we live with”, said the President Cvijanović.

The President of the Republic of Srpska stated that in no case does this imply a willingness to open the door to the crude historical revisionism, especially not in our schools.

“We want freedom and a better life for generations to come. Our policy is a policy of peace. The fight to preserve the constitutional capacity of the Republic of Srpska is our permanent commitment. We want good relations with all peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we will not give up our constitutional rights and our property”, said the President of Srpska.

The President of the Republic also pointed out that we will not renounce the libertarian and anti-fascist traditions woven into the foundations of the Republic of Srpska, nor sacrifice freedom for any false promise or threat, as those whom we remember with pride did not sacrifice it.