Republic of Srpska President Congratulates Easter


The President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, on occasion of the greatest Christian holiday of Easter, extended her congratulations to His Holiness the Serb Patriarch Mr Porphyry, all archbishops, clergy, monks and all Orthodox believers.

“On occasion of the greatest Christian holiday – Easter, I extend to you my most sincere congratulations.

“Dedicated and guided by the blessings of Christ, with an understanding and respect for diversity, we find the strength to reinforce fellowship, provide support, and sincerely sympathise with one another.

“May the feast of Christ’s Resurrection, which symbolises the victory of life over death, be a source of hope and faith in overcoming today’s life’s trials and tribulations, a signpost to a better tomorrow, and key Christian values ​​such as love, solidarity and tolerance guide us.

“With the best wishes for you to spend the holidays in good health, spiritual peace and tranquility, sharing the joy of Easter with your loved ones, I greet you with a heartfelt greeting:

“CHRIST IS RISEN – CHRIST IS RISEN, INDEED!“ stated President Cvijanović in her congratulatory message.