New Year’s message to the citizens of the Republic of Srpska


New Year’s message from the President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik to the citizens of Srpska

I wish our people and all people in the Republic of Srpska all the best in the New Year.

The Republic of Srpska is our home. It is everything we have outside of our families and our lives.

We have to protect and love it, just as we love our lives, because Srpska is also our life.

I live here and I have no intention of leaving.

We will fight for it with all our strength and in the coming year we will do it with joy, because the Republic of Srpska deserves to be our joint project and we will implement that project in the best way and for the benefit of all who live in it.

May you have a happy New Year and lots of health in it, for you personally, your families and all the people dear to you.

May all problems bypass us in the New Year and let us enjoy together the joy that life gives us.