Meeting with the representatives of the Association of Rafters “Drina – Tara”


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik met today in Foča with representatives of the Association of Rafters “Drina – Tara”.

The President Dodik said that Foča is a place for investment, that rafting has become an important tourist attraction in recent years, and that Srpska, in addition to Banja Luka, has destinations that need to be developed.

“There are 34 rafting camps here, 300 people are employed, that is why we have come to a situation where we have to move on, and that includes, first of all, the construction of road communication”, said the President of Srpska.

On this occasion, the President of the Republic emphasized that the road construction will begin after tenders and public procurements are carried out, adding that the road will be built this year, and that it will be an accessible location when the Foča – Šćepan polje road is completed.

The President of Srpska added that the desire is to stabilise conditions in the Sutjeska National Park, to build a road from Foča to Gacko, and added that it is necessary to build a highway from Višegrad, next to Rudo, via Foča to Trebinje.

“It is in the priorities that should be done in the coming period. Of course, there is also the road from Foča to Šćepan polje, on which the part related to rafting abuts”, it was emphasized by the President of the Republic.

“We are doing everything to improve the standard of people and to show that the Republic of Srpska and its government take care of all their areas”, said the President Dodik.

The President of the Republic believes that Foča is one of the central places for investment in Srpska, and stated that a development study and an ecological study will be carried out to see what services are needed to preserve the natural wealth, as well as to rigorously punish anyone who endangers nature and disrupts its configuration.

“That will be carried out by the relevant ministry and the municipality of Foča, but I think that if we do not create rigorous ecological standards for the preservation of this nature, we will invest for nothing and that everything may fail. Everyone has to do their part in all of this”, said the President of Srpska.

The President of the Republic gave his support to the rafters, who he says are working in quite complex circumstances, citing the short season for their activities.

“In this season, they need to earn money for investment and maintenance, and we as a country need to have much more understanding for them, and that is why we are here today”,  it was concluded by the President Dodik.

The meeting held in Foča was attended by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Srpska Zora Vidović and the Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska Denis Šulić.