Congratulations to the Prime Minister of Hungary on March 15, the National Day


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik extended congratulations to the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban on the occasion of March 15, the National Day.

“Allow me, in the capacity of the President of the Republic of Srpska, to congratulate you on the National Day, which on March 15 marks the beginning of the revolution for the liberation of the Hungarian people from Habsburg rule.

The significance of the revolution, which began on March 15, 1848, is much greater because the Hungarian people stood up for their freedom against a much stronger and more numerous enemy.

Herein, I recognise the similarity of our two peoples. The desire for the freedom of one’s own people, as well as that of other peoples, was always the highest Serbian goal, for which, as in your case, many lives were sacrificed.

There are countless crises and challenges facing Europe and the whole world today: the political and financial crisis, the consequences of the corona virus pandemic, as well as the humanitarian, geopolitical and energy consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, the fight against illegal immigration on the one hand, and demographic challenges on the other.

We are grateful for the positions taken by Hungary regarding each of the above mentioned. We consider them wise and responsible.

The friendship, support and help that Hungary, even in these difficult times, has provided on several occasions without exception to everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially to the residents of the Republic of Srpska, evokes gratitude, admiration and obligation that the exceptional bilateral relations of the two countries, and especially the friendship between the Serbian and the Hungarian people, are further deepened and improved, to mutual satisfaction.

With sincere congratulations on the occasion of celebrating the National Day, as well as the wish that you and your compatriots always celebrate it in peace and prosperity, allow me to reiterate the expressions of my exceptional assurances! Also, allow me to repeat the invitation to visit the Republic of Srpska, where you are a valued and dear guest, and to express hope that your visit will be realized soon”, reads the congratulation letter by the President of the Republic of Srpska.