Ceremonial session of the East Sarajevo City Assembly


The President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik attended tonight the ceremonial session of the East Sarajevo City Assembly on the occasion of marking 30 anniversary since the official adoption of the Statutory Decision on the Organisation of the Serbian City of Sarajevo.

On that occasion, the President of the Republic of Srpska was presented with a special award for his contribution to the development of the city – the City Coat of Arms.

Addressing at the ceremonial session of the Assembly, the President Dodik said that Serbs must not fall for any kind of brotherhood and unity that “cost them dearly” and that the construction of Srpsko Sarajevo was the best possible decision.

The President Dodik pointed out that since 2006, the Government of Srpska has invested more than 350 million BAM in the infrastructure of this city and 200 million was invested through the support of housing construction through the Investment Development Bank.

The President Dodik said that in the next three years, the City of East Sarajevo can count on another 100 million BAM of investment in valuable projects.

The President of the Republic reminded that the hospital, the road to Jahorina, the Stambolčić tunnel had been built, and he expressed his satisfaction with the support that Serbia provides to Eastern Sarajevo and the entire Republic of Srpska.

“Each municipality in the Republic of Srpska should thank the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, since he provided funds for some of the important facilities in each municipality through a donation. We are looking at Serbia. Sometimes it seems to me that we love Serbia more than ourselves”, said the President Dodik.

The President of the Republic said that East Sarajevo has great challenges and that it can be concluded that the number of Serbs in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina /FBiH/ is decreasing, while the number of Muslims in East Sarajevo is increasing, and that a way to make this situation sustainable should be devised, considering that there is no freedom for Serbs where they are not the majority.

“We were killed wherever we did not have a state, as was the case in Jasenovac and other places. We were killed and driven out of here, and today in Sarajevo they are talking about how tolerant they are”, reminded the President Dodik and emphasized that what the Serbs got through the Dayton Agreement, no one can take away at the price of not being in BiH, and that there is no idea of BiH how they promote it in Sarajevo.

“It only has a chance to succeed like the Dayton one, made up of two entities and three constituent peoples”, said the President of the Republic and added that the property is another blow to the Serbs.

The President of the Republic stated that the Serbs must remain committed to what is written in the Dayton Agreement, which is that the high representative is chosen by the Annex 10 signatories, which means the Republic of Srpska, as confirmed by the Security Council, but neither of these things happened.

“Some among us say: What can we do, that is power! But it is not a power for me, for any of us, not for Željka /Cvijanović/, not for Radovan /Višković/ or for /Zoran/ Tegeltija”, said the President Dodik, and emphasized that Christian Schmidt cannot impose laws on the Republic of Srpska, and that the decisions of the Constitutional Court, which are to the detriment of the Serb people, will not be applied either, pointing out that there is no love for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“All the time from Dayton until today it does not work, the power of America and Europe, all the powers of the world, cannot do it. There is no love for BiH, let us unite with Serbia and you will see how it goes. Why can’t we have that as an idea, you did not shut me up when you said Dodik speaks anti-Dayton. They talk about the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina every day, and that is anti-Dayton, so no one has been punished, only Dodik and Željka”, said the President of the Republic.

The President Dodik says that the people who live in these areas have a serious responsibility.

“Whatever you say, according to all definitions and international law, the Republic of Srpska is a state, it does not have a seat in the UN, but it does not have to have it, Serbia has it instead, so we will do it easily”, said the President of the Republic and stressed that one must believe in that idea as generation of Vojislav Maksimović believed it.

The President Dodik also reminded of the Serbs who are in prison, calling them heroes who positioned their lives to the idea called the Republic of Srpska, and expressed his belief that the young generation are patriots who will know how to protect Srpska.

“That is why it is my duty and responsibility not to fuel the story of the rehabilitation of what is called brotherhood and unity. That was misconception of everyone, especially the Serbs”, it was stated by the President Dodik.

The President of the Republic believes that the Serbs could have created a large state in 1918, but they did not do so, so the communists came, tore Serbia apart, and stated that the exodus of the Serbs was not only after the last war, but also during the Second World War when everything that was Serbian was killed in Sarajevo and on the Romanian plateau, driving the people towards the Drina, to Brod, where 6,000 Serbs were killed in two days.

“That suffering was hidden by the communist government and Tito, who was then in Foča and created Foča regulations and did not want to guarantee the safety of the Serbian fugitive who left Romania seeking protection from Francetić and his units. The Serbs had to return and they were killed”, reminded the President of the Republic of Srpska and recalled when Dobrinje was taken from the Serb people by supervision, and assessed that the best possible decision was the construction of Srpsko Sarajevo.

“We had to respond to people’s requests, to what they expected. The idea of creating Srpsko Sarajevo was not abandoned by any political option that was in power. We never gave up on the idea that was conceived then in difficult circumstances”, said the President Dodik and added that he was proud to be a part of it.

The President of the Republic thanked all the people who could, but did not leave this area, they stayed and built East Sarajevo and the Republic of Srpska.

“Professor Vojo Maksimović could have gone to some distant destinations, to continue his scientific work, but he stayed here, was dedicated to his people and all the others who worked on the construction and conception of this city”, said the President of the Republic of Srpska and concluded that the faith of the Serb people is greater than all challenges.