Address by the President of the Republic of Srpska at the central ceremony marking April 4 – the Police Day of the Republic of Srpska


Address by the President of the Republic of Srpska Željka Cvijanović at the central ceremony marking April 4 – the Police Day of the Republic of Srpska:

This year again, we proudly celebrate the Police Day in peace and freedom, aware of the importance of preserving and strengthening our institutions and committed to developing the Republic of Srpska.

The day when the Police of the Republic of Srpska was formed is one of the most important dates we mark. All these years since our foundation, our Police and the Ministry of the Interior are a guarantee to our citizens that they will live more peacefully and safely, and that the Republic will enjoy the stability it deserves.

With gratitude and respect for all members of the Ministry of the Interior who, along with the veterans of the Republic of Srpska Army, defended and protected the Republic during the war, and especially for all those who gave their lives or parts of their bodies for the freedom we enjoy today, it is our duty to leave this freedom to the generations to come and to develop and strengthen the Republic of Srpska.

Also, in protecting our freedom, and in the development of our Republic, the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska has an inevitable role, as a pillar of safety and as a guardian of our order, but also of our identity.

Our citizens are aware of this, and that is why it is not surprising that for many years in all polls, the Republic of Srpska Police is among the institutions in which citizens have the highest confidence.

Our citizens have their expectations regarding both the protection of their personal safety and the protection of the Republic of Srpska as a whole.

Therefore, it is important to continue investing in facilities, equipment, weapons, to increase salaries to the police officers and to create better material and technical preconditions for their work and further trainings. Many young people are entering our Ministry of Internal Affairs and Police today and they are a guarantee of its continuity, but also of the survival of the Republic.

Our Ministry of the Interior has a strong identification with all of the values ​​on which the Republic of Srpska is based, so it is no coincidence that the Ministry of the Interior is often attacked by all those who do not want any luck to the Republic of Srpska.

Although many obstacles, traps and issues we have left behind us, we all know very well that there are still many challenges ahead that we, together as a society, relying on our institutions, have to be able to respond to these challenges.

It is therefore important that we strengthen all of our institutions, including our Police, that we build the Republic and make it more stable on a political, economic, financial, social and any other plan, and not lose sight of the fact that our citizens have expectations from their institutions, as well as from their own police.

That is why we need an organised, equipped and well trained police, which will be able to deal with all safety challenges, including the most serious ones like terrorism, but also the current migrant crisis.

In order to respond to this challenge, we need to cooperate with other police and safety structures and agencies in BiH, the region and the world. We are proud of many successful actions that the members of the Ministry of the Interior have performed together with partners from other countries.

In the end, I would like to highlight that the Republic of Srpska and its Police are inseparably linked. As it is the responsibility of the members of the Ministry of the Interior to take care of the safety of citizens and preserve the public peace and order in Srpska, it is our task to take care of our Police, and we decisively oppose all attacks on the Ministry of the Interior and its members, not allowing anyone to impede its authority.

With this clear message, I congratulate you the Police Day! Long live the Republic of Srpska!